Well at least I can say I tried it…

I’ve finally got back into the routine of working out regularly and thought I would try something new…..with all the fitness class options I figured I might as well take advantage of them all so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try Zumba! As I watched a bunch of old ladies walk out of the class last week soaked in sweat I figured it could be fun….and how hard could it be right?!

I can’t help but laugh at myself after such an embarrassing failed attempt. I walked in not really knowing what to expect but assumed I would at least be able follow along, knowing full well it would not be a pretty sight to see. The instructor walked in, turned the music on and started right into the routine without a simple “Hello, welcome to my class”, “Is anyone new tonight?” or even a rundown of how she runs her class. I thought that alone was pretty rude and unprofessional considering the class is associated with a gym that gets new members daily. It started out simple enough but just as I started to get the moves down she turned it up 5 notches and i felt like i was in the middle of a Latin flash mob. She didn’t have a headset on and there was no instruction whatsoever. I was literally standing there in shock while everyone continued on with the routine around me as I quickly realized I was the only newbie.


I think I lasted a total of 15 minutes before I thew the towel in a walked out. I went to the treadmill (without any headphones) ran a quick two miles so I wouldn’t feel completely worthless and headed home in time to catch Greys and enjoy the last little bit of Fro Yo left in the freezer. Although not at all the night I had planned, it turned out to be okay.

As the saying goes, “you learn something new everyday.” I actually learned two things from that experience: 1. I will not be attending any Zumba classes in the near future and 2. When I become a fitness instructor, I will never start my class without even introducing myself or giving everyone a warm welcome.


One thought on “Well at least I can say I tried it…

  1. HAHAHA I love this! I tried Zumba a few years back and I think I liked it at first but it was with all old ladies. Latin flash mob is right.. I lol’ed at that. At least you tried, and got out of your comfort zone and built some experience, right? About to hit a Sunday Reggae flow for the first time.. this should be interesting. Maybe I’ll blog later… or do some day drinking……..

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