Part of my TESOLS curriculum today involved relationships and I thought the description of friendship was spot on.

Friendships are necessary to our emotional well-being and enrich our lives through their assuring presence. Friends help each other deal with problems. Good friends make time for one another and lay aside other duties in order to help, regardless of circumstances. Good friendships meet a critical requirement in good relationships: the needs of both parties—most notably the need for companionship—are met through the relationship.

Friendships grow with honesty. Friends share personal thoughts and feelings with each other. They take off the mask of calculated impressions and reveal their true selves. Friends also advise and criticize. They tell each other what is both painful and needful so that greater pain might be avoided.

Friends are trustworthy. Friends trust each other with their true selves and risk revealing themselves to one another in ways they might not share within other close relationships. The sharing is based upon a mutual trust and discretion in handling each other’s personal information. 

A friend is loyal. Friends empathize with each other and assist each other through troubling times. Through compassion, one friend feels the misfortune suffered by the other. Likewise, the successes of one are celebrated together. 



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